Gold Jewellery

Throughout history, Gold has been treasured for its natural beauty & brilliance. For their pure love of gold, Indians are smitten by Gold & have adorned the Gold Jewellery from centuries.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundankari is a unique and one of the most ancient forms of jewellery style in India. Crafting Kundan Jewellery is a distinctive art which requires special expertise to carefully place the flat or uncut diamonds on the purest form of gold using lac and pure gold foils. 

Solitaires & Diamonds

 Chetmani’s excellence in Diamond Solitaire Jewellery in Varanasi has been unparalleled. At Chetmani, Solitaires & Diamonds are carefully selected on their exceptional purity, sparkle and clarity. 

Antique Jewellery

Over the past few 2 decades there has been a surge in the demand of Antique Jewellery designs. Because of their time-worn looks, ancient workmanship and high quality gems, the elite buyers are focusing on Antique Jewellery. 


There are a lot of varieties of gemstones in the market and sometimes it gets hard to identify the grade & quality of gemstones. Indians buy a lot of gemstones for Astrological benefits on health, wealth and life. Chetmani Ornaments & Jewellers understand the importance gemstone in our customer’s life & thus promotes only 
IGI certified gemstones in Varanasi

Platinum Jewellery

Platinum’s imperishability and resistance to wear & tear makes it the most strong & sturdy metal, increasing the life of your platinum jewellery for a long time. The reason platinum is the most popular metal for diamonds & solitaires is because Platinum is a naturally white thus it doesn’t cast any of its own colour onto the diamond & never looses its brilliant lusture.

Silver Jewellery & Utensils

Silver has always played an integral part in the rich heritage of Indian culture. From utensils to decoration and from gifts to daily wear jewellery, Silver has often been considered as an auspicious metal. Many Indian Families use Silver Cutlery & Utensils as a part of the tradition during prime festivals or important occasions.